Monday, 8 February 2016

In the Presence of Absence

Absesce13. Fabriano Paper 300 GSM. 2ft x 9ft. 2015

  ‘Absence’, an exhibition of paper works by Pune based artist Sachin Tekade was held at Gallery Art Motif, New Delhi, 31st October to 1st November 2015.  Four storeys above, narrow, car-filled streets, one entered a serene space - a contrast to the visually crowded and cacophonic journey there.

Absesce14. Fabriano paper 300GSM. 2ft x 9ft. 2015 

Finely cut strips of white Fabriano paper, like cloth, rose and fell. The carefully orchestrated folds, like the wave of an ocean caught in flow, or young peaks rising from a land yet flat, masked and filtered the light, in a play of shadows.

Fabriano Paper 300GSM.
1.5ftx 4.5ft. 2015n
Absence 13 and 14 [9 ‘x 2’ each, 2015], were displayed one above the other, occupying an entire wall space. To behold these large white frames encasing delicate, quasi-sculptural lines of white paper was pure perfection. Minimal, despite the scale, the works on display were larger and more complex in execution, but visually simpler and ascetic, than his earlier expositions.  Tekade is not interested in self-expression but explores himself through a process that involves skilful dexterity. His art-making is not spontaneous. The artist first makes a maquette and then begins work on the larger piece.

Fabriano Paper 300GSM.
1.5ftx 4.5ft. 2015
Tekade cuts each, even-sized and even-spaced line and then folds each line of the finely cut paper to create a desired effect. It appears as if the work is crafted from a singular sheet. But, it is the dexterity with which he carves, folds and joins additional strips of paper to complete the rectangular base, which is the challenge; enhancing the purity of his exploration in white.